Connexion exposes a test_client which you can use to make requests against your Connexion application during tests.

def test_homepage():
    app = ...  # Set up app
    kwarg = {...}
    with app.test_client(**kwargs) as client:
        response = client.get("/")
        assert response.status_code == 200

The passed in keywords used to create a Starlette TestClient which is then returned.

For more information, please check the Starlette documentation.


To have access to the Context variables during tests, you can use the TestContext provided by Connexion.

from unittest.mock import MagicMock

from connexion.context import operation
from connexion.testing import TestContext

def get_method():
    """Function called within TestContext you can access the context variables here."""
    return operation.method

def test():
    operation = MagicMock(name="operation")
    operation.method = "post"
    with TestContext(operation=operation):
        assert get_method() == "post

If you don’t pass in a certain context variable, the TestContext will generate a dummy one.