Validation Middleware.

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Validation API.


Middleware for validating requests according to the API contract.



class connexion.middleware.request_validation.RequestValidationOperation(next_app: starlette.types.ASGIApp, *, operation: connexion.operations.AbstractOperation, strict_validation: bool = False, validator_map: Optional[dict] = None)
extract_content_type(self, headers: List[Tuple[bytes, bytes]]) Tuple[str, str]

Extract the mime type and encoding from the content type headers.


headers – Headers from ASGI scope


A tuple of mime type, encoding

validate_mime_type(self, mime_type: str) None

Validate the mime type against the spec.


mime_type – mime type from content type header

async __call__(self, scope: starlette.types.Scope, receive: starlette.types.Receive, send: starlette.types.Send)
class connexion.middleware.request_validation.RequestValidationAPI(*args, strict_validation=False, validator_map=None, uri_parser_class=None, **kwargs)

Bases: connexion.middleware.abstract.RoutedAPI[RequestValidationOperation]

Validation API.

__slots__ = []
make_operation(self, operation: connexion.operations.AbstractOperation) RequestValidationOperation

Create an operation of the operation_cls type.

add_paths(self) None
add_operation(self, path: str, method: str) None
classmethod __class_getitem__(cls, params)
classmethod __init_subclass__(cls, *args, **kwargs)
class connexion.middleware.request_validation.RequestValidationMiddleware(app: starlette.types.ASGIApp)

Bases: connexion.middleware.abstract.RoutedMiddleware[RequestValidationAPI]

Middleware for validating requests according to the API contract.

__slots__ = []
add_api(self, specification: Union[pathlib.Path, str, dict], **kwargs) API

Register an API represented by a single OpenAPI specification on this middleware. Multiple APIs can be registered on a single middleware.

async __call__(self, scope: starlette.types.Scope, receive: starlette.types.Receive, send: starlette.types.Send) None

Fetches the operation related to the request and calls it.

classmethod __class_getitem__(cls, params)
classmethod __init_subclass__(cls, *args, **kwargs)
exception connexion.middleware.request_validation.MissingValidationOperation

Bases: Exception

Missing validation operation

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class __cause__

exception cause

class __context__

exception context

class __suppress_context__
class __traceback__
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