Command-Line Interface

For convenience Connexion provides a command-line interface (CLI). This interface aims to be a starting point in developing or testing OpenAPI specifications with Connexion.

The available commands are:

  • connexion run

All commands can run with -h or –help to list more information.

Running an OpenAPI specification

The subcommand run of Connexion’s CLI makes it easy to run OpenAPI specifications directly even before any operation handler function gets implemented. This allows you to verify and inspect how your API will work with Connexion.

To run your specification, execute in your shell:

$ connexion run your_api.yaml --stub --debug

This command will tell Connexion to run the your_api.yaml specification file attaching a stub operation (--stub) to the unavailable operations/functions of your API and in debug mode (--debug).

The basic usage of this command is:



  • SPEC_FILE: Your OpenAPI specification file in YAML format.

  • BASE_MODULE_PATH (optional): filesystem path where the API endpoints handlers are going to be imported from. In short, where your Python code is saved.

There are more options available for the run command, for a full list run:

$ connexion run --help

Running a mock server

You can run a simple server which returns example responses on every request. The example responses must be defined in the examples response property of the OpenAPI specification. Your API specification file is not required to have any operationId.

$ connexion run your_api.yaml --mock=all -v